(VIDEO) Can Sillisponge Replace Beauty Sponges for the Average Woman?

Hey lovelies! I can spill the beans on something I've been working on for a week now. As you can guess from the title, it is related to the Original Sillisponge. I am a Sillisponge affiliate and received a free Sillisponge in the mail last week. Since then, I've been testing out the sponge to see how it will best work for my face. Wanna know what I found out? Read on to learn more...

My 39 (almost 40)-Year Old Face

At 39, I am dealing with a combination of skin issues. I have adult acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dark undereye circles when I am sick, combination skin that can be oily with dry patches at times, and I have occasional eczema flare ups. These issues not only affect my facial skincare choices but they affect the way that I apply makeup.

Applying Foundation with the Sillisponge

The ideal way to apply foundation using the Sillisponge is to apply a drop of foundation directly onto the Sillisponge and then use the beauty tool to smooth foundation over your face. If I didn't have the skin concerns that I have, this would work for me. However, my fine lines, large pores, and hyperpigmentation do not like this approach.

This approach resulted in my foundation settling into fine lines, my deep forehead crease, and into larger pores on my nose. This method also thinned out my foundation too much over the areas I needed it the most and removed some of my color correcting. So, I had discovered an alternate method that suited my face better. I apply the amount of foundation I need on my face using a flat face brush, then I smooth and dab using the Sillisponge.

Can be Used for More than Foundation

I wanted to see if the Sillisponge was good for other makeup application besides foundation. I found that it is good for pretty much any cream/liquid face makeup. I specifically say face because the eyes and lips are too small of an area to use the Sillisponge on with good results.

I found that the Sillisponge is good for applying concealer. It applies just the right amount of concealer with it settling into creases or lines. It also does a good job of smoothing out concealer under the eye. Another use for the Sillisponge, is to apply cream or liquid contour. It gives you a natural-looking finish. I also found that it is good for cream blush. One layer gives a subtle flush of color. You can add layers to intensify the depth of color.

Tips for Using the Sillisponge

  1. Make sure skin is exfoliated and smooth - the Sillisponge seems to like a smooth surface best.
  2. Moisturize and Prime skin - again this helps with creating a smooth canvas for your face.
  3. Wipe Sillisponge off frequently to prevent any product caking.
  4. Fold the Sillisponge for tighter areas like under the eye.
  5. Make use of the edging to get into creases and any folds on the face.

Can the Sillisponge Replace the Beauty Sponge for the Average Woman?

As a result, I can say the Sillisponge is not going to be for everyone. Also, as your skin matures and you get lines and wrinkles, you will find that the Sillisponge won't be enough to address your needs. For makeup novices and those with darn near perfect skin, the Sillisponge is a great replacement for the beauty sponge.

For the rest of us, it will depend on what skin issues we have and trial and error will need to be used. Those of us who use a beauty sponge probably have a certain way we like our foundation to look and the Sillisponge might not replicate or improve that look.

My answer to the question at hand is, no. I don't think for the average woman who uses a beauty sponge that the Sillisponge will replace it. I do think it can be handy addition to everyone's beauty arsenal.

**I was an affiliate of Sillisponge and received product for free. All opinions expressed are my own.**

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