New Edition is Reaching a New Generation of Black Youth

I had to share a little pop culture moment with you lovelies. Back in the 80s the R&B boy groups New Edition were the shit. I grew up listening to their songs. Black girls wanted to be their girlfriends. Black boys wanted to be them back in the day. I was one of those kids who as soon as I heard the first two second of one of their songs I would lose my every-loving mind. Of course, EVERY New Edition Song from the 80s was My Song!

It seems with the release of the New Edition movie, a brand-new generation black kids are becoming fans. Just when I was getting scared that our youth had forgotten about R&B, here comes this little cutie singing her heart out to her song from New Edition, "Is This the End?". Ronnie, Bobbie, Ricky, Mike, Ralph – about a decade later Johnny -- A new generation is giving life to your songs.

I am sure this little girl has more New Edition faves. I think that song grabbed her heart. Now let's all give her a big ole Cookie Lyon shout... "You betta sang girl!"

For us who rocked with New Edition from the beginning, here is a playlist of some their songs. Let us flashback this Friday:

Now tell me lovelies. Which member of New Edition did you crush on back in the day? I’ll dish in the comment section right along with y’all.

Main Image Credit: New Edition Twitter Post

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