Makeup Lessons from My Momma (VIDEO)

Hey lovelies! If you've been following the Fashion's Sense YouTube channel, then you already know I've been doing more basic makeup looks. Last week I filmed three videos and uploaded the last today. All three videos were filmed in one day but I used one look, just giving different parts of it. I centered it all around one source of inspiration.

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My Inspiration

The was a requested look that I'd been putting off. The request comes from some people who know me and my mother. My mother is a beautiful woman, especially so when she was younger. She had perfect skin. No blemishes, no discoloration, no lines. All she ever used were four products, a foundation (could be liquid or powder), a plum or fuchsia lipstick, black mascara, and black eyeliner. She never departed from this basic look and always turned heads. Even now in her 60s the only skin issue we have in common are dark undereye circles that's due to her health issues.

The makeup look I filmed last week is a modern take on the look my mother has always worn. I by no means have the perfect complexion she had and quite frankly still has. So, I don't look as flawless as she did because I have blemishes and discoloration. I wanted to keep it at minimum based upon my own makeup needs and comfort level.

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Mom's Makeup Look

I already let you know the products my mother used, all the time. She did not have oil skin or any oily breakthrough so she had no use for powders unless she was using a powder foundation (basically she just got what was cheapest in her skin tone). She never did her brows. Her brow grooming was slicking them down with a bit of moisturizer.

She did not wear false eyelashes or wear eyeshadow and blush. She used that plum or fuchsia lipstick for her eyes, lips, and cheeks. She did always wear eyeliner because she felt her eyes looked sickly without it. Although, I think that was all in her head.

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My Take on Mom's Makeup Look

My makeup needs differ from my mothers. She never did her brows, I must make up my brows, I wear concealer but will often skip eyeliner. I need face powders to help control oil and blur the appearance of my large pores. I wear eyeshadow and use primers because I need them for oil control and to blur imperfections.

For me, my modern take of my mother's standard makeup look consists of: primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, lipstick, mascara, setting powder, HD finishing powder, eyeshadow primer, brow powder, and brow gel. Check out the video to see how I updated my mother's standard makeup look for myself.

Do you lovelies still use any of the makeup techniques your mothers used?

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