Kat Von D Responds to Critics Over Makeup Revolution Dispute

Hey lovelies! Tuesday, I posted about Kat Von D's latest beauty dispute that she took to social media. Yesterday, she also uploaded a video to her YouTube channel to explain her rationale for her post. Also, doubling down on her stance about what is considered a rip-off and what would be a dupe. She also showed her work room and the art work she creates for her products among other aspects of her creative process. Let’s break down some of the talking points of her video.

Makeup Revolution Skates That Fine Line

In her video, Von D is implying that she took this to social media rather than suing Makeup Revolution. In all fairness, Makeup Revolution does skate the fine line between creating "knock-off" -- not rip-off, that is not the proper term for it -- products and cheaper alternatives for higher end products. They take on similar design features that cannot be copyrighted or trademarked such as layout, product dimensions, colors, and use of similar wording.

I can totally see where this could make the higher end companies feel upset. For someone like Von D, who has her hands on pretty much every aspect of her product development, this feels personal. For Von D, her products are her babies. They are labors of love. However, unless Makeup Revolution copies her artwork, logo designs, even the lettering she hand crafts, they technically are still tip toeing on the right side of infringement. They are close to going over but have not yet crossed the line. Unfortunately, what she is experiencing is what fashion designers have experienced for decades. Other companies creating lower priced "versions" of their clothing just by changing enough details to get by.

Kat Von D Responds to Social Media Criticism 

Von D wanted to set the record straight with her critics. She claims she does not want to cause or create negativity. She responded to people who said that if her products were not so expensive, then maybe this would not happen. Von D explains that if she could give her products away she would. She goes on to states that her makeup is at the lower end of the luxury makeup market. This is true. When you see luxury makeup costing over $100, you’ll notice her $20 - $50 price point is at the lower end of things.

She also addressed the issue of race. Apparently, someone or maybe a few called her out for "white privilege". Von D emphatically let everyone know she is not white but Latina -- there are white, black, and Asian Latinos by the way -- and she grew up poor. She said sometimes, she couldn't even afford drugstore makeup coming up. This basically boils down to Von D wanting to have (hopefully) one more final word on this issue.

What Do You Think?

Here is the video for you to view. Kat Von D disabled comments on her video but you can respond in the Fashion's Sense comment section and let us know what you think about this.

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