Blogging from A to Z Theme Reveal: Beauty in April

Hey lovelies! If you've been following the blog for some years now, you know every April I participate in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. I participate with both of my blogs, Fashion's Sense and Between Sunshine and Rain. Today I reveal my Blogging theme for this year's challenge.

It's All About Beauty

I already talk a lot about beauty on this blog anyway. I must admit this theme seems like an easy way out for me. However, the challenge of taking on a beauty topic for 26 days coinciding with the alphabet will be somewhat of a task. Thankfully, beauty is a topic with several niches in it.

What Topics to Expect in This Theme

I am going to try and cover topics that match up with daily questions that I am asked related to beauty. I think there will be a few fun beauty posts mixed in. I want to tackle issues that particularly relate to women within my age group which is 35 and over range. Honestly, unless it has to do with anti-aging products -- increasingly they are being marketing to those in their 20s more than my age group -- women who are over 35 are often left out of the discussion.

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I also want to get into career related beauty issues. I can see things becoming a bit more "traditional" in the workplace due to our current political climate. I don't want to have read about tales of women missing out on promotions or not getting a second interview because their beauty game was not corporate-ready.

An Odd or End

For this theme reveal, I am also using Facebook comments. This will make it easier for people to comment as many bloggers have Facebook accounts anyway. It seems like people are not quite digging Google+ comments. During the month of April, I'll see how much of a difference using Facebook comments will make.

If you have an extra minute or two, head on over to my lifestyle blog, Between Sunshine and Rain to find out my theme will be for that blog.

Catch you later, lovelies! 💋

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