Perk Up Your Look When You Aren't Feeling Perky

The past couple of weeks, yesterday in particular, have been rough. I caught some kind of bug that feels a bit like the flu but not as bad. This brought back memories from before I started freelancing when I had to walk into my previous nine-to-five job looking good even when I did not feel so good. I had a game plan or days like that which helped me look put together even when I wasn’t feeling so put together. I figured maybe some of you lovelies could use some tips to perk up your look when you don't feel so damn perky.

Fashion Tips to Perk Up Your Look

I don't know about you but when I am feeling crummy, I don't really like snug fitting clothing. I know that I can't go around looking like a box of layers either. This is where knits are your friend. Slip on a light- to medium-weight knit maxi-length dress. I specifically mention this length because hosiery can be a bit restrictive around the midsection for some and with this length of dress you can skip the hosiery. I do recommend wearing full slip underneath to keep light from showing your goods and as a layer of protection from the cold.

I would skip pointed toe shoes. Look for a rounded tip. Heel height will depend on how your back feels. If you are having back pain, stick to kitten heels or wear flats. Ballerina flats are quite cute and comfortable to wear. Insert a cushion insole as well. It will help lessen the impact of hard floors or concrete on your body.

Wear a lightly tailored blazer over your dress. The blazer serves two purposes: protection from indoor chill and to make your dress look more professional in case you have a meeting to attend. It doesn't really matter what colors you choose, as long as they work for your coloring. If unsure, stick to neutral shades like a basic black/white combo or maybe navy. This pin from Fashion Mugging's Pinterest My Looks boards is a perfect example of the look I am describing. It is comfortable and business casual acceptable.

Keep Hairstyles Simple for Those Off Days

Lovelies, when you are not feeling well, you are not going to be able to style your hair to the best of your abilities. So if you don't have naturally curly hair, leave the curling tools alone. If you don't have straight hair don't blow out or flat iron. When you are not feeling your best, work with what God gave you. If you have a TWA, shape that thing into a tidy fro. If you have some length to your hair, pull it back into a bun or faux bun. If you have curly hair pull it up into a soft puff of curls. If you are like me and have your hair in twists or braids you can still pile those twists and braid on top of your head into a tidy top knot. Don't try to be extra with having tendrils of hair hanging down. Just keep it simple and tidy.

Adopt a No Makeup, Makeup Look

Beating your face to the gods is not a worthwhile option when you are not feeling your best. Chances are, you will be moving a bit slower than normal and if your complexion is suffering from how you feel then you will have too much work and not enough time to put in. I say devote most of your time to skincare. Lightly exfoliate and moisturize face to prime it for your makeup.

Invest in a primer that brightens your complexion. There are plenty on the market. YSL came out with a good one last year, Burberry Fresh Glow is awesome. Hitting mid-range prices Studio Gear Prime Objective is good, drugstore I would say L'Oreal might be the brand to go with.

Foundation you use depends on your skin type. If you have dry or normal skin that does not have oil-breakthrough then a dewy foundation will be your best friend. For combination and oily skin, stick with an oil-free matte foundation the combo with a brightening primer will give you a lit from within glow. Use bronzer instead of a contour kit.

For eyes, no winged liner. Use an earthy palette and smudge a little brown shadow at the lower lashline. That lower lashline tip will help if your eyes are telling the story of how your feel. Lightly fill in your brows and apply a clear brow gel afterwards to set and keep them tidy. If you can master applying false lashes then do so. If not, then prime your lashes with a lash primer or clear mascara, apply one coat of a volumizing mascara. Make sure to pay a little more attention to your outer lashes to lift your eyes a bit.

Use a peachy blush. It warms up the face and helps to give you more of a healthy glow. I would skip the highlighter. However, if you can’t help yourself, go with a subtle highlighter that enhances your features instead of strobing out. For lips, choose a sheer gloss that enhances your natural lip shade or deepens it a bit. I say a sheer gloss because you want something that is easy to reapply and can moisturize your lips.

This is one time where I am absolutely recommending a specific product. Go get e.l.f's High Definition Powder. You can find e.l.f products at Walgreens, Target, Dollar Tree, or order online from them directly. I recommend the clear or shimmer powders. Both give you a soft focused glow that makes you look better. It only costs $6.00.

Why Do All of This?

As much as we want to feel like our society has evolved and that looks don't matter, we know they do. How we look on the job directly impacts how our employer sees us and it affects your chances for a promotion as well. So even when you don't feel so great, you still need to look great. I gave you an example of what to wear. Here is picture of a No Makeup, Makeup look I created while I was feeling ill. I needed to tone it down in order to perk my face up. Wearing red lips with pale sickly eyes is not a good look. You need balance more than ever with your makeup when you do not feel well.

A No Makeup, Makeup look that takes little time but perks you up.

Do you lovelies have any fashion and/or beauty tips to share for when you do not feel well? You could be helping another lovely out in a big way!

Main Image Credit: By AnA oMeLeTe from Faro, Portugal - What happens after a Cold, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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