28 Days of Black YouTube: Alissa Ashley and Arnell Armon

Today, I am highlighting two black YouTube channels, Alissa Ashley and Arnell Armon. These two beautiful ladies are twins and they both have beauty channels. They sometimes make guest appearances on each other's channels. While the two pretty much share the same face, their styles are different.

Alissa Ashley

I am starting with Alissa first as she is the first one I followed. Alissa is very chatty and kind of has no filter. She doesn't curse much but she pretty much will say what comes to her mind. Which is something I like but it has given her a little drama in the past. Even though she can be chatty, when she gets down to the makeup she is pretty clear and concise when explaining the process. Now Alissa does fashion, hair, skincare, and some vlog content. However, I am there for the makeup and I suspect most who follow her are there for the makeup as well.

One of her signature looks is a golden glow to her skin. With the short blonde hair, she can shine bright like the sun at times.

She also does product reviews and swatch videos.

Arnell Armon

The main reason why I wanted to put both sisters in the same post is that people still do not realize that Arnell is Alissa’s twin. Unfortunately, some people have been reporting Arnell’s YouTube and Instagram accounts thinking she is impersonating Alissa. So hopefully this post can help alleviate some that confusion people have.

Arnell also does makeup, hair, and fashion content. With Arnell, I feel her hair content is stronger than her makeup and other content. I believe this because Arnell makes, styles, and cuts wigs showing people how to do those things for themselves.

Check out one of her wig styling videos.

Sometimes she gives you both hair and makeup in a single video.

If you like what you see from these beauty twins subscribe to their channels. Alissa Ashley and Arnell Armon are both on Instagram so check them out there as well!

Main Image Credit: pic screenshot from Arnell Armon’s Instagram Profile

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