28 Days of Black YouTube: Vikee Jeah

Today's black YouTuber is a favorite of mine, Vikee Jeah. This beauty gives you, beauty, hauls, reviews, and more. She is not just representing black beauty but also for fuller figures with natural hair.

About Vikee Jeah's Channel

Vikee Jeah is the brand but the brains behind that brand is Victoria James who is a makeup artist. Victoria is a die hard makeup lover and a self proclaimed high-end makeup snob. She creates looks that are very wearable and easy to recreate. If you become a JeahBae (a subscriber) you will receive a wealth of information about new makeup products as the woman does break things down.

What is best about her channel, is Victoria's conversational style. She talks to you like you are her girlfriend sitting down at the table engaging in some girl talk. Enough of my explanation about her channel. Check out some of her videos.

The Fabulous Content of Vikee Jeah

I plan to show a bit to show the gamut of what Vikee Jeah offers. Giving you a taste of her MUA skills and reviews.

She is a fellow Influenster

Showing off those MUA skills in this video that I cant embed. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/0ntn_O4km_E

She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

As always if you like what you see please subscribe to her channel!

Main Image Credit: Vikee Jeah's Instagram Profile

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