28 Days of Black YouTube: Too Much Mouth

Today, I want to introduce you lovelies to the beautiful melanin goddess, Shanygne Maurice of Too Much Mouth. This woman is straight forward. You can tell she does have the gift for gab. It is also evident that she is simply being herself which draws you in automatically. Learn about the type of content she creates and view a few samples of her work.

What You'll Find on Too Much Mouth

I came across Shanygne's channel via her sharing it in a Facebook group we are both in. I like to support the women in that group when they post their video links. I check out a few of her videos and liked what I saw so I subscribed. What I find different about Shanygne is that she is just talking to you. She is not over-the-top, not talking too loudly, and is not really trying to be an entertainer with her videos. It's just her. I find that refreshing.

Her channel does the vlog stuff like Storytime content. She also does beauty and fashion. She fills a gap by giving women of color who are a darker complexion a source to help them find makeup that works for them.

Take a Peek at Too Much Mouth

While I primarily watch Shanygne for her beauty reviews, she does have other content that is equally interesting.

Her Storytimes are relatable

Too Much Mouth has a fashionable sense of humor

Need a good foundation? She has you covered

As always, if you like what you see then subscriber to Too Much Mouth. Also. check Shanygne out on Instagram.

Image Credit: XOSMaurice Instagram Profile

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