28 Days of Black YouTube: TheSocialiteLife

I am excited to profile this black YouTube channel for you lovelies today. TheSocialiteLife with Socialite Sande is one of my favorite YouTube channels. This woman is hilarious, engaging, and offers up pretty good reviews. Find out more about TheSocialiteLife and view a few samples of her content.

Even My Mother Loves TheSocialiteLife

My main attraction to TheSocialiteLife channel is the humorous why Socialite Sande delivers her content. She can curse like a sailor and has a very flimsy filter. I had my mother check her out one day and she instantly became a fan.

Socialite Sande is not just a beauty channel. She does fashion, TV program reviews or recaps, and a lot of vlog content. I enjoy her first impressions and vlog style content the most. As entertaining and informative as her content is, I am amazed Socialite Sande hasn't even reached 250K subscribers.

Get Ready to be Entertained

I do have to issue a warning as the language Socialite Sande uses is not always safe for work. I suggest watching these videos on your break in your card or after work.

Her pop culture commentaries are a riot

First impressions video

Vlog content letting y'all in her business

As always if you like what see please subscriber to TheSocialiteLife YouTube channel. When you do check out her social media accounts, she has them all linked in her channel.

Main Image Credit: Socialite Sande

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