28 Days of Black YouTube: Recap and Reflections

Hey lovelies! This has been a hectic month for. It began smoothly. This series began smoothly as well. Then I came down with the flu and was out for the count for two weeks, which put the posts on halt for about the same time. I've been playing catch up with the post which meant quite a few didn't get the attention I wanted to give them. However, I still got to feature quite a bit Black YouTubers for Black History Month, as you can tell from the main image collage.

For this final post, I want to give a video recap of all the channels mentioned in a calendar style format. Also, my final thoughts about the whole series and a request for input from you lovelies at the end.

A Visual Recap of the 28 Days of Black YouTube

Final Thoughts on the 28 Days of Black YouTube Series

I am glad that I did this. I am seriously considering doing this every year during Black History month. It was great checking out new channels and seeing new faces with new perspectives on beauty. I love seeing the diversity within us. This year, the series was a spur of the moment thing so no planning was involved. If I do this next year I will plan it out. Especially because I want to include more male black YouTubers in the mix.

I hope you guys enjoyed the series. I hope you found some black YouTubers to support. If you know of any black YouTube channels we should be checking out, please leave their links in the comments below.

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