28 Days of Black YouTube: MakeupShayla

If you don't know who MakeupShayla is then you probably do not spend much on Instagram. This bad ass woman is slaying all over the place for brands like tarte and Maybelline. Her Instagram following is huge. However, like many black beauty influencers on YouTube, her following is not as large. So, if you've been sleeping on her YouTube channel I’m here to give you a peek at it.

About MakeupShayla

Shayla has had her YouTube channel for bit. However, she is a bit late in the game in devoting time to it. Which is partly why her YouTube following does not come to par with her Instagram following. You know from her Instagram that she is a baddie that is brand influencer darling of many major beauty brands.

MakeupShayla's Content

On her channel, she does a lot of brand work by introducing her audience to new product from brands she works with. She will also give peaks inside her fitness routine. Since she is one of the Selfie Queens, she gives you tips on how to take perfect selfie.

Here she tells of her makeup journey

Her Tarte Collab

Like I said, she does work with brands to let you know about new products for women of color.

If you follow MakeupShayla on Instagram, then you don't want to miss out on her skills she displays on YouTube. Shayla truly does give you useful information in her makeup videos. What I am waiting for are some fashion videos because her wardrobe is the truth!

Main Image Credit: MakeupShayla's Instagram Profile

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