28 Days of Black YouTube: Lisa a la Mode

Lisa Jean-Francois is the creative mind behind Lisa a la Mode. The Lisa a la Mode YouTube channel is part beauty, part fashion, and part vlog. Lisa also maintains a blog of the same name in which she delves deeper into to pop culture along with the beauty and fashion base she highlights on her YouTube channel.

How I Became Acquainted with Lisa a la Mode

I first meant Lisa in a makeup group she runs on Facebook. She is funny, silly, and crazy in a good way. Via the group, I got to check out her YouTube channel. I realized she is pretty much the same on her channel as she is with the group.

What I Love About Lisa a la Mode

She is one who will more times than not spend her own coin to check out new products instead of waiting for a company to send her something. As a consumer, she will let her viewers know when she encounters issues with a store or with customer service when she orders online. For items she is sent to review, she is upfront with it.

I also like that she is willing to admit if she might be overreacting to a situation or not. When I watch her videos, it does feel like I am with one of my girls.

Videos from Lisa a la Mode I Like

Here are a few videos from Lisa a la Mode's YouTube channel that I've enjoyed.

Lisa is obsessed with liquid lipsticks. If there is a liquid lipstick on the market, chances are she tried it and recorded it.

She let's you see the good and bad of her skin. She talks to you as if you are sitting in the room with her telling you why she does this or why she uses that. She uses herself as the example to help others who may be in a similar situation.

Lisa also is not shy about calling brands and stores for situations that she feels are not fair to women of color. She especially does it when she knows that the brands and stores have it within their power to make changes.

If you like what you have seen from Lisa a la Mode, then head on over to her YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button. You can also follow Lisa a la Mode on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to check out her website lisaalamode.com.

Main Image Credit: Lisa a la Mode Twitter profile

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