28 Days of Black YouTube: Kay's Ways

Whew! Today has been a busy day for me with backdating a few of the Black YouTube posts for you guys to catch the blog up (little by little). I can't wait to watch TGIT tonight. How about you? After you finishing watching your #TGIT television lineup you might want to check out Kay's Ways on YouTube to wind down.

About Kara of Kay's Ways

When you go to her channel Kara tells you right off why it is called Kay's Ways. It is all about healthy hair care, lifestyle, and beauty... her way. She does do things her way. She takes you along her journey into beauty and some great deals. I know Kara from a Facebook group we belong to. She is down-to-earth there just as she is on her channel. She is very supportive, like the women of that group, of other black influencers and black brands.

Checking Out Some of Kay's Ways Content

Her beauty reviews are honest but she is not mean with them. This review is of a product I also reviewed on this blog and we kind of had same opinion of it.

She isn't stingy; she shares how she gets free stuff.

She does hair care reviews for you natural haired lovelies out there.

As always, if you liked what you just saw from Kay's Ways please subscribe to her channel. She has links to her other social account on her channel as well so don't forget to follow her on those as well.

Main Image Credit: Kay's Ways Instagram Profile

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