28 Days of Black YouTube: Jocelyn Partee

Hey lovelies, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am backdating this post to when it was supposed to appear on the blog. I am in the last stages of the flu so I am strong enough to play catch up on the blog. For the black YouTuber for February 10th, I am highlighting the insanely beautiful Jocelyn Partee.

Jocelyn is a Bit Controversial

If you visit Lipstick Alley you might see a thread dedicated to couple of Jocelyn Partee's videos. In fact, this is how I became acquainted with her channel. Jocelyn does not seek out controversy but her makeup application methods do spark it up with some. I can't even lie, I was taken aback after watching the videos posted to Lipstick Alley because it did appear to be too much.

However, after taking the time to watch more of videos I noticed things are not quite as they appear with her, in a good way. For those who may think she is trying to create a whole new face or more, let me show you a few videos that may change you thinking.

Jocelyn Partee is Doing Makeup Her Way and She Loves It

As I mentioned earlier, Jocelyn's makeup methods are not for everyone. Her makeup videos are for those who are not afraid to use a heavy hand with makeup to get the desired result. In Jocelyn Partee's case, the result is always a look that slays. Say what you want; she does look gorgeous!

She makes her own wigs

She sets the "too much" record straight at the end

You'll notice she is obsessed with many things, but it's all good

So, if what Jocelyn Partee's channel offers is something you are interested in, then please subscribe to her channel.

Main Image Credit: Jocelyn's Instagram profile

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