28 Days of Black YouTube: Jackie Aina

There are a lot of educational articles, blog posts, and events that will happen all month long for Black History Month. I decided to do something different that works for my style blog. I am going to do a 28 Days of Black YouTube. This means each day I will highlight a black YouTube channel that I like, give examples of great content they produce, and then share their YouTube and one other social link for you guys to follow/subscriber if you so wish. For Day 1 I am featuring Jackie Aina.

Why I Like Jackie Aina

Besides the fact that this beautiful melanin goddess is skilled when it comes to beauty, she gives us great information as well. Jackie sometimes will give us life highlighting topics in a direct manner. Other times she will do so in a humorous manner. Whichever way she chooses she gets her message across clearly and slays at the same time. She recently broke the YouTube tinted glass ceiling of hitting over one million subscribers. I call it the tinted glass ceiling because there are very few black woman YouTubers who have hit that mark.

She currently has a top-selling collab with Artist Couture that came out for holidays. The collab is a holiday Diamond Glow Powder set featuring four of Jackie’s favorite Diamond Glow Powders in trial size plus a full-size powder Jackie created called La Bronze. That set sold out faster than you could blink an eye. When I went to grab the link for you guys the set is still saying it is sold out.

Jackie Aina Videos I Love

Here are a few of Jackie's videos that truly love and share with my friends as a must see.

A video from last year's Black History-Inspired Playlist. In 2015, Jackie decided to create makeup looks from different eras and wear them in a way that compliments black women.

Jackie's Trends We're Ditching Videos were the first of this kind I ever saw and I still prefer hers to the others on YouTube. Check out the one she did for 2017.

While she is beauty influencer and brands work with her, she is not afraid to call a brand out when needed.

Now that you have a taste of Jackie Aina, don't forget to subscribe to her channel if you liked what you saw in this post. Also, follow her on Instagram for more beauty content.

Main Image Credit: Jackie Aina’s Twitter Profile

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