28 Days of Black YouTube: Ivy Dear

This Saturday for 28 days of Black YouTube I am featuring Ivy Dear. This lovely wife, mother, and beauty black YouTuber likes to give you a bit of variety. So, if you like more than just beauty and fashion, you will want to check out some of the content samples from Ivy's channel.

It is storming here right now so I am being very quick with this post and getting right to the good stuff -- Ivy dear's content. (Let's pray the power holds out long enough!)

She does Q&A videos for her followers.

Her wig game is strong!

Her beauty reviews are down to earth.

As always, if you like what you've seen of her video content, please subscribe to her channel. She is open to suggestions so if there is a particular type of video you would like her to make leave her a comment on her videos.

Main Image Credit: Instagram Profile

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