28 Days of Black YouTube: Influencers to Consider Part 2

Periodically, I will feature some black YouTubers who are similar to myself. Those of us who have not hit that 1,000-subscriber level yet. I will focus on three black influencers for you lovelies to consider supporting. This time I am using my little space to give these beautiful black women a shout out.

Abiola Everythang Belle

For this Sunday, you will notice these lovely black YouTube channels are newbies. Abiola Everythang Belle is a newbie channel. She seems to be making headway with only few video and just a month in. Check out her latest video:

Mina X Beauty

Mina only has two video up but already has over 200 subscribers. So, she is sure to make gains quickly if she keeps it up.

Chelsea Carmen

Chelsea has just three videos up now with over 100 subscribers so she is doing her thing. Check out this beauty's latest tutorial:

If you like what you see from these ladies and want to see more then subscribe to their channels. They will appreciate the support and it gives encouragement to keep pressing forward.

Main Image Collage: Each Feature’s Instagram Profile and one is a screen grab

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