28 Days of Black YouTube: Fashion's Sense

Hey lovelies! Yes, at some point I was going to have to include myself in the lineup. I was going to wait until the final day. I am thinking of going another route for the final day. Let my entry into this serve as an introduction to you loyal lovelies who may not have been aware of Fashion’s Sense’s YouTube channel.

About Fashion's Sense 👄

Of course, this blog's YouTube channel is an extension of the blog itself. It contains complementary content that is often cross-posted on the blog. However, it also offers content that is unique to the channel.

I am still a bit camera shy. I also go by the motto of letting YouTube earnings pay for my production upgrades. Right now, it is just my laptop's built-in web cam, my bedroom's lighting (since I am bedridden), and a selfie ring light.

Some of Fashion's Sense's Video Content 💅

My channel has a little bit of fashion content. Most of it is beauty related. There are giveaways sprinkled in there at times.

I do have a career style series playlist for you career-minded lovelies.

I receive free products to review which helps me to build up content. Plus, it is always fun to review free stuff!

I gauge what I see you lovelies talking about on social media and try to give you more content that you can use.

Now, I am going to engage in some obvious shameless plugging for you all. If are not subscribed to my channel, what are you waiting for? It's free! My small channel really does appreciate the support. You can also find me on these social channels:

Facebook 💖
Instagram 💖
Twitter 💖

Let me know what kind of content you'd like to see. I will see if I can accommodate your wishes (remember I am not rich), lovelies! However, the more subscribers and engagement I receive, the more I can provide new release product reviews and host more giveaways (shipping is not cheap).

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