28 Days of Black YouTube: Black Men's Beard

Hey lovelies! So far for this 28 Days of Black YouTube series, I have only posed female run channels. Today I giving the spotlight to one of the guys, the Black Men's Beard channel. Men are taking their grooming just as seriously as women. As a result, more men are becoming influencers, gurus, etc. to help other men up their grooming game.

Black Men's Beard

As the name suggests, the channel is about beard grooming. However, the content on their YouTube channel and across their other social platforms extends beyond beard grooming. Black Men's Beard also provides fashion advice and hygiene tips from the content creator who calls himself B With The Beard.

Get into Black Men's Beard Video Content

My male lovelies with beards you will want to check out these videos I am about to share from Black Men's Beard. Ladies you may want to pass this post along to the Black men with bears in your life.

Soften that beard son!

Are you making these mistakes?

Valentine's date prep tips

As always, if you like the content on Black Men's Beard then subscribe. Also, check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Main Image Credit: Black Men's Beard Instagram Profile

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