28 Days of Black YouTube: Ablackman'sdream

With this 28 Days of Black YouTube series I am featuring a variety of Black YouTubers to fit different viewing tastes. This Tunisia Johnson's channel, Ablackman'sdream is one of these channels. For this February 13th post get to know what this lovely woman of color's channel is about.

Everybody Deserves to Look Beautiful

That subhead is the motto of Ablackman'sdream channel. I find that is a lovely sentiment that is very encouraging. You will find different types of video content on her channel. This is because her interests are varied and this is reflected in her content.


Tunisia is not afraid to speak her mind. She is not afraid to have a controversial viewpoint either. Along with beauty she does spill some tea along the way.

Trisha Paytas is her “bestie” and she will stick up for her.

Her storytimes are like watching a TV program, you need a drink and snack.

Tunisia tells you truth that those drugstore dupes aren't the same as the higher end ones.

So, if you like a channel that is not offering the same content as others, check out Ablackman'sdream. You will be entertained.

Main Image Credit: Ablackman'sdream Instagram Profile

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