Drugstore Makeup Review: L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Hey lovelies! So, the last few weeks of a year and the first month of a new year beauty brands tend to come out with new products. I will be reviewing three of these new products this week. The first was the Maybelline Face Studio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit. This time it is L’Oréal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation.

What Infallible Total Cover is Supposed to Do

L’Oréal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation is supposed to be a full or total coverage foundation that is lightweight and wears for 24 hours. The foundation comes in a tube that holds one ounce of product. The tube says nothing about how much product is needed to build to get to total coverage. In fact, the tube doesn't tell you much about best ways to apply the product to achieve total coverage. Also, you are supposed to be able to use this on the face and body.

My Experience Using Infallible Total Cover Foundation

I ordered my tube of L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation from Ulta for $12.99. The closet shade to my skin tone I found was Caramel Beige. At first, the foundation looks very orange. Initially, the orange undertone is still very prominent. As it dries, it loses a good amount of that orange undertone.

There are no instructions saying how much you need to use to get total coverage. I have acne scaring and dark areas around my mouth and on my forehead. I applied the foundation as I normally do using a flat top brush. The foundation applies easily and feels weightless. However, I did not get the total coverage I was expecting. My dark areas could still be seen. I did apply another light layer. I did notice my minor dark spots were covered and blotchiness evened out. However, it did no better than my Maybelline Fit Me foundations.

The foundation is supposed to have 24hr wear. I only kept it on for about eight hours. My foundation was still visible but I had major oil breakthrough. Since oil breaks down makeup, I can only imagine how much longer the foundation would remain on my face if it stayed on any longer.

My Final Thoughts of L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

For a one ounce tube that costs $12.99 it does no better than a medium-coverage foundation. It has no oil-control (to be fair it does not claim it is supposed to have this) and I suspect it could benefit from coming out with more shades at a later date that not as orange in undertone. It is light-weight and blends very easily which is a small plus. Overall, I wouldn't even waste my money on this product. You can do better with Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless or the Dewy version and get the same amount of coverage at a cheaper price and more product.

I did swatch tests to show how the product does not cover well. As I was applying a second layer, the product sputtered out, like product does when you have used about half of the tube. So, if my tube is already halfway gone, this means I am only going to get a few uses out of one tube. Sorry L’Oréal but your Infallible Total Cover Foundation gets an "OH, HELL NO!" from me.

Save your coins lovelies.

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