Budget Beauty Review: Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette

Hey lovelies and happy Friday to you all! This is the last new product, budget/drugstore beauty product I am reviewing this week. This product also came out at the end of 2016 along with the Master Camo 👍 and Total Cover 👎. Maybelline has added another nude palette, The 24K Nudes. Want see some swatches and find out what I think about this palette? Then read on.

Maybelline's Nudes Palettes

I must give Maybelline and the other drugstore brands credit for trying to make affordable alternatives to the $54+ Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I for one vowed to never spend $50+ of my own dollars on one of these palettes. While I do own The Naked Smoky, I only paid $27 for it.

The latest addition to the Maybelline The Nudes, line is The 24k Nudes. This palette has a mixture of matte and golden shimmer smoky shades with some highlight shimmers. If any of you lovelies, wear Avon makeup, this palette may remind you of the 24K Gold makeup line Avon had several years back. If any of you owned any of those 24K Gold eyeshadow quads, you might have the same expectancy I had for Maybelline's The 24k Nudes.

My Experience Using The 24k Nudes

I'm just going to get right to it. Unless it is the gold or dark shades, there is very little color payoff with The 24k Nudes palette. I am a lighter shade of brown and I don't typically have trouble with light shades showing up on me. However, the light matte and light shimmer shades have the least color payoff/pigment of the palette. They were only useful to add shimmer to a matte shade that has good pigment to it. I found this out my second try with the palette when I applied primer, then used a light beige eyeshadow from one of my Sephora palettes, and finally applied shades from The 24k Nudes palette.

For the shades that do show up, you need to build the color. I am used to having to work with eyeshadow to build color or work to get them to show up. However, I know some women are used to highly pigmented eyeshadows that require little work to achieve good color payoff.

My Final Thoughts on The 24k Nudes Palette💭

I expected this palette to perform better than it did. I truly do not feel it is worth $11.99 or more when the palette does not give good color payoff on my skin. However, I can make it work if used with other eyeshadows of higher quality to help transform them a bit. I was ready to throw the palette away but my mother wanted to try it. So I swatched some of the shades on her arm and the shimmers that did not show up on me showed up on her cocoa brown skin without much effort. I think this palette may be perfect for women with a deeper brown tone. If you are my shade or lighter the darker shadows and the gold will show up best for you with a little work.

Here are some swatches I did from the palette. On the first image, I swatched on the inside of my arm using the foam applicator that came with the palette on one side and with my finger on the other side. The second picture I used my drugstore EcoTools eyeshadow brush to apply the swatches. I did prime my arm as well. Regardless of the method and even with applying two strokes of color for each shade the payoff is terrible. Thank God I only paid $6.00 for this because I got it on sale. I am not repurchasing when or if I hit pan with this palette.

Have any of you lovelies tried this palette yet? Did it perform better for you? Let me know in the comments.

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