Budget Beauty Review: Maybelline Face Studio Master Camo Kit

Lovelies, I have been waiting to be able to do this review for you! At the end of 2016, Maybelline pushed out their new face product, Face Studio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit. I had been using a review sample of the product since mid-fall but could not tell you guys about it yet. Now that it is in stores, let me give you my review.

About Maybelline Face Studio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit

There are three shades for this kit: light, medium, and deep. Each kit contains two corrector colors, two concealers, and two highlighters (one cream, one shimmer). I use the deep kit and it contains:

Correctors - warm yellow and warm orange
Concealer - medium tan concealer and a chocolate concealer
Highlight - lighter tan cream highlight and a golden shimmer highlight

The kits also contain a brush. However, I do think the brush is crap and pretty useless.

My Experience Using the Master Camo Kit

I noticed right away that the entire palette consisted of warm and neutral toned shades, both of which compliment my skin. The orange and yellow correctors are not too bright nor are they chalky-looking. Every shade blends very easily whether you use your finger, a brush, or sponge.

I have better luck with the corrector shades when I use them before applying foundation. However, some foundation types like the lumi/cushion makeup tends to remove the corrector when you apply these types of foundations. For me, I used the two tans shades as concealer for me and I used the chocolate concealer as a cream contour. I like that I could do this because it means the kit is versatile.

My Final Thoughts on the Master Camo Kit

I can't lie, I love this kit! It has quickly become a holy grail and I have already bought another kit before my sample kit is finished. I can't say how well the light and medium kits perform. If you are natural tan skinned and darker the deep kit will be your go-to conceal and correct kit, too. If for no other reason, you will fall in love with the golden highlighter. That highlighter is everything!

Maybelline Face Studio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit costs around $12.99 at most drugstores and discount stores.

**I did receive a sample of this product to test and give private feedback to the brand. I was not asked or encouraged to write this review**

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