Two Makeup Looks Curly Girls Can Rock for the New Year

I've seen a lot of articles for New Year's Eve makeup looks featuring looks that cater mainly to straight hair. I hadn't seen many which are focused on styling for us curly-haired lovelies. Now I am here to fix that. If you have big curly hair or are rocking braids/dreads this year I have two party looks that are good to go.

For My Braided Beauties

Here is a look that celebrates your natural beauty but allows you add some flirtiness to enhance it. I opted out of hiding my flaws. No concealer and color correcting was used. I used Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Radiant Stick to help give me a healthy glow. My brows were lightly done using brown and taupe to shape and fill in gaps. Cheeks were a healthy pink using the shade Bermuda from my Illuminate Cosmetics Beach Goddess Palette.

Lips mimicked the flirty pink of the cheeks using Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in HD Flirtation. For the eyes, I chose to do a smoky blue look. I used smoky blue/grey shades on the lid and medium grey shadow to smudge at the lower lash line to give a soft smoky effect. I finished the look by applying a light luminizer to the highest point of my cheek bones, the length of my nose, at my cupid's bow, and lower center of my forehead. I used Burberry Fresh Glow. A cheaper alternative is e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip, $1.00. If you have neither, try a shimmery, sheer lip gloss in a pale shade.


You can style your braids anyway you wish. For this look, I opted to tie a scarf around my head and let my braids spill out in front.

For You Curly Lovelies with Big, Wild and Free Hair

This look I created for us curly girls with wild and free kinky curls. The look is sexy without being vampy or over-the-top. I chose a golden smoky eye look that smolders. The face is glowy but not high beam glowy. I have a video to show you how to adapt this look for you. However, I want to give more details for the lip technique.

I adapted a lip technique I learned from one of Destiny Godley's Facebook Live videos. This technique requires layering that brings attention to the center of the lips causing them to look fuller and poutier without you altering your lip shape.

  1. Apply a light nude lip color
  2. Line lips with a medium to dark brown lip liner. Line and fill in from the corners halfway up to the center of the upper and lower lip.
  3. Add a bronze shade lip color over lips.
  4. Apply a cream highlighter to center of top and bottom lip.
  5. Layer on white or darn-near white powders (I used eyeshadow) on the center of your top and bottom lip until you get the lightened effect you want.
  6. I finished with a sheer lip gloss for added shine.

Like all makeup looks, you adapt it to suit your unique makeup style. These are just two last minute options for you to work with if you haven't planned your New Year's Eve beauty look this year. While I have geared these looks for curly heads and braided styles, anyone can adapt these to fit their own look.

Do you already have your New Year's Eve beauty look planned? Let us know what it is in the comments.

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