Can Studio Gear's Prime Objective Help Improve Your Skin?

Hello, lovelies! If you've been paying attention to my social media posts and YouTube channel you will notice I've been using a new primer recently. Studio Gear sent me a free bottle of their Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Primer, to try out and review. What is the verdict for this new primer? Read on to find out.

How New Prime Objective Helps Give You Better Skin

Studio Gear Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Primer is more than your run-of-the-mill face primer. It also provides anti-aging benefits along with optical diffusers to help blur imperfections. Many primers have some type of optical diffusing property to them to make us all look flawless. However, Prime Objective goes beyond simply blurring imperfections. It's ultimate prime objective, is to treat the skin. The primer contains anti-aging wonder child, retinol. In case there is someone who doesn't know, retinol helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dark spots, improves skin texture, and helps with acne. It just so happens that I need help with all of those things!

Does Prime Objective Last All Day?

I recorded a first impressions video to see how well Prime Objective held up throughout the day. I checked in, on video, after about six hours of wear. My skin had significant oil breakthrough which was affecting the appearance of my makeup. I noticed the oil breakthrough happening after four hours of wear but I did not want to touch up my face so I could record the true results.

My verdict is that if you have combination skin like mine, it will hold up for three to four hours before you need to touch up or refresh your makeup. If you have normal or dry skin, I think Prime Objective may last you for at least an eight-hour workday. If you have very oily skin, you may want to check your makeup after two hours to see how it holds up.

How Does Prime Objective Feel on Skin?

The feel of a face primer on the skin is just as important on the results it gives. Prime Objective is lightweight. Meaning, you do not feel it on your skin. Use a light hand with it. I have a big head, which means a large face, I use one full pump of product. That's all you will need.

The primer applies smoothly and evenly. You will notice your face looking smoother, pores appear more refined, fine lines appear to diminish, and you get a soft glow with a shine-free finish. If you wanted to wear Prime Objective without foundation, you could with no worry of a white cast on your face.

Final Grade for Prime Objective? A-

I've used Prime Objective a few more times since my first impression video. I can say that it does give you a soft matte finish and helps you remain oil-free for a few hours. You do need at least one touch-up sometime during the day to control oil. The retinol works with my other anti-aging skincare products.

I will say that since Prime Objective contains retinol, you will need to wear a foundation that has sunscreen in it. The sun breaks down retinol making it less effective. So, keep your skin protected.

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