#BehindTheBlogger: Reflecting on 2016's Impact on My Life

Hey lovelies! This is a personal post, which is something I don't do too often. We are the end of the road for 2016. Like any other year, there have been ups and downs. This year has been a trying year for many of us with the Presidential Election taking a toll on my country. However, 2016 was more than just that historical timeframe.

2016 Was Not as Expected Health-wise

This year I thought things would be a bit different for me. I thought I would be up and walking again. Unfortunately, I am not. This month I did find a bit of hope that I think will get me back on my feet again with the help of a walker of course. Prayers being sent up for that. I am still not ready to talk about how I ended up this way yet. Maybe one day I will be mentally strong enough to share it all with you. Today, I am just not in the place yet. Please bear with me.

I've also had to deal with some minor but painful chronic health issues that have really slowed me down this fall. I have chronic sinusitis. This means I have chronic sinus infections throughout the year. Sometimes they are bad, most of the time they are just annoying. This year, this fall, they were so painful that I couldn't even think straight. I had to start taking pain medication along with my sinus meds, which I hate. I don't know about anyone else but I don't really like anything that alters my perception. I dislike anything that makes my head feel cloudy or makes me feel loopy.

2016 Brought My Father Back into My Life… Again

I reconnected with my father again for the umpteenth time in my 39 years. My father has issues that he is dealing with. When I fell ill two years ago, he was there for me while I was in the hospital. I appreciated that. When I came home, my mother and I really needed him then. Unfortunately, he wasn't there and he kind of shut himself out of my world for a couple of years. We finally spoke again this summer and at first I couldn't deal with it because so many emotions surfaced. After I calmed down, I realized that my father is who he is. I love him. I know he loves me. So, I just have accepted that our relationship will never be the idyllic father-daughter relationship.

2016 Seemed Like the Year of Celebrity Deaths

This year has also been the loss of some of my favorite singer/musicians. Even Christmas was not safe when I read that George Michael passed away on Sunday. If you've been a longtime reader of the blog, you'll know he is one of the few singers I've mentioned on the blog. I've loved his music since his days with Wham! I will still sit back and listen to his greatest hits album with his tear-jerking rendition of "I Can't Make You Love Me" and of course favorites like "Faith", "Freedom '90'", and "Hard Day".

2016 Has Brought Some Positive Changes In my Life

This year has brought some good moments for me as well. I am not so shy anymore about filming and letting people hear my nasally Muppet voice. Video content is the last frontier for me to get a grasp on. Not because I was afraid of letting people see me but I am very self-conscious about my voice. I knew I would eventually need to use it on camera. So far it has not been that bad. One of the upsides of not having a huge social media following is that you get to bypass a lot of the negative comments. The goal is to grow my presence so I must face all of that one day.

Speaking of social presence, I have to thank you guys for sticking with me and for the new followers and subscribers that have joined your lovely ranks. It means a lot to know that you do like at least some of the things I have to say. I've been learning more about building myself up on social media. One of the things I am happy with is that I am not doing things by trying to pretend to be someone that I am not. I've learned to embrace my imperfections online. Letting you guys see me looking haggard, nappy headed, sickly at times, and seeing my skin when I have bad breakouts.

The most important skin issue I let you guys see is my hyperpigmentation. I have dark areas around my mouth and neck that resurface periodically and then fade. The darkness around my mouth had been gone for years but resurfaced last year and has been very stubborn as one treatment would lighten the area but it would cause to break out. Then my hormones would make it worse at times. This year I kind of said screw it. I stopped trying to hide it in every picture by using filters or erasing/lightening the areas. I will cover them for some makeup looks but I am even getting more away from that unless it is for something I working on with a brand.

The End of the Road

Even with the personal and shared struggles that 2016 has brought, I refuse to fear the years to come. I know things will change and they won't always be for the better. I have always been able to adapt. With prayer and faith, I will see positive growth in my life in 2017. Hey, I turn 40 next year. That alone is something to look forward to as I embark on a new decade of life!

Have you reflected on the changes 2016 has brought into your life? What is your personal outlook for 2017?

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