Why I Cancelled My Glossybox Subscription Plus One Last Review

Hey lovelies 💖💖! You have probably noticed that I have not written a review for the September, October, or November Glossyboxes. The answer is pretty simple. I cancelled my subscription. Now why would I do a thing like that?

Too Many Misses 👎

I cancelled my Glossybox subscription because there were too many misses for me. What I mean by that statement is that I received too many undesirable products and some meager samples. I understand receiving some things you do not care for in a box. However, when you do not receive products that line up with your profile, that can be a problem. This was it for me.

They knew my hair type and sent me products that were not a good match. They knew makeup was a preference and I only received one makeup product in my October box. Some samples were in no way deluxe. In my September box, I received a sample vial of a vitamin C serum that did not even have a dropper's worth of product in it. Having one disappointing month then two that are good I can handle. When I receive back to back boxes that are disappointing, I start to reconsider if the beauty box is worth an automatic $21 a month. For me, it wasn't.

My September Glossybox Had Two Gems for Me 💎💎 

The September Glossybox was a beautiful one. I am referring to the actual box. That was gem number one. That box will be used for a special purpose some time later. I just don't know what that will be yet.

The second gem, was the Phyto Huille Supreme - Rich Smoothing Oil. This was a full-size product that I adored! I am typically not a fan of spray oils for my hair. I love Phyto's products. When I used to relax my hair, I would spend $50+ for their Phytospecific relaxer kit because it treated my hair better than any relaxer I've ever used. So, I shouldn't have been surprised that I would love this oil. I spritz on dry hair before I set it. It makes my hair so soft and gives me a nice sheen. The smell is very light.

The October Glossybox Had One Good Product for Me 💋

If I can say one standout thing about my Glossybox subscription is that it introduced to the Unani brand. I've used two great products from this brand that I received from my Glossybox. The Dermo Defense Mask and Unani's Illuminate Milk Cleanser.

This was a full-size product. The cleanser smells good. It is one of the gentlest cleansers I've used. If you have dry skin, this cleanser will be great for you. I mainly use it as a gentle first cleansing to remove makeup (not eye makeup). I recommend using a face cloth or dry cleansing cloth and wetting it, if using this for makeup removal. On days when I feel I need I need to add another face cleansing in the middle of the day, this milk cleanser does the trick without making my skin feel tight or irritated.

Is Glossybox a Good Subscription to Have 😕 ?

My answer is yes and no. If you simply like receiving a box of goodies every month and don't really care what you get, then Glossybox is a good deal for you. If you are like me and want items you can use, then the answer is no. My money is too tight to spend it on products I am not very satisfied with. I can take that $21 and buy one or two items I would enjoy.

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Speaking of beauty boxes. I am having a giveaway filled with 10 items that are a mix of full size and deluxe samples. This giveaway is a thank you to all of you lovelies for sticking with me. Hey, if there is something in the box you do not like, no harm no foul. It's free and you can pass it along to someone else as a stocking stuffer.

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