Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian Have Not Joined Alicia Keys' #NoMakeup Movement

So this week, the media is trying to pull a fast one on us lovelies. We all know that Alicia Keys has adopted a no makeup lifestyle since May of this year. Now the media is trying to say that other celebrities like Gabrielle Union-Wade are joining in. This is not entirely true.

Yes, Keys did start a new awakening for people to not always feel the need to wear makeup. Some celebrities are giving shout outs to Keys and showing support by sometimes not wearing makeup in pictures and at events. See the crucial word in that sentence is SOMETIMES.

Alicia Keys Twitter

For Keys, this is a decision she made for her life. To live a life without any form of makeup on her face. Right now, she can do that because she is a recording artist and host on a singing competition where it really is not a big deal if she does not wear makeup.

See people like Union-Wade and most recently seen without makeup in public, Kim Kardashian West are taking a cue from Keys and are embracing their natural face from time-to-time. What these women are not doing is adopting a makeup-free lifestyle. Truly they couldn't, not if they wanted to keep doing what they are doing.

Gabrielle Union-Wade Instagram

What I mean by this is Union-Wade is an actress. Her current gig is playing Mary Jane Paul on BET's "Being Mary Jane". Trust, she has to wear makeup for this role. She will wear makeup for red carpet events and other times in her life.

Kardashian West was seen at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week sans makeup as well. However, you will still see her wearing makeup. She is a brand and part of her self-branding is her appearance. Makeup looks are a huge part of that. Lest we forget she is the one who brought hardcore contouring back. She still is a makeup trendsetter.

Kim Kardashian West Twitter

I truly hate, that the media is putting forth this false narrative that these women are doing what Keys is doing. Plus, both women have gone makeup-free in the past on social media. So this is nothing new. But the media is making it seem new. By saying that Union-Wade and Kardashian West are on the #NoMakeup movement bandwagon, the media is trying to make these women look like huge hypocrites in the public eye. I can't see that go down without saying something to you lovelies about it.

Gabrielle Union-Wade and Kim Kardashian West are relying less on makeup and are wearing more natural makeup looks. They are not living a makeup free lifestyle. So the next time you see them wearing makeup, don't think they are being hypocrites for doing so. They never said they were doing what Alicia Keys has done. They just like to rock both the natural and the beat face.

Main Image Collage from Social Media Posts of Gabrielle Union-Wade, Kim Kardashian West, and Alicia Keys

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