August 2016 Glossybox US Review

Hey lovelies! Today, I received my September Glossybox which means it is time for me to review the August Glossybox. As always, I will have a video of the September Glossybox Unboxing at the end of the post. For now, it is all about that August Glossybox.

August Glossybox Composition

As you know, I was not thrilled with the July box. It did not have the composition I like. It seems like Glossybox has gotten back on track with what my preferences are. This box contained two hair care items, two skincare items (one body and one face), and two makeup related items. Now let's get into the hits and misses of the August Glossybox.

August Glossybox Hits

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream

I received the shade Guilty Pug which is a spiced pumpkin shade perfect for fall. This lipstick is a lip treatment and creamy matte lipstick in one. Even though it is one of my favorite items from the August Glossybox, I can't bring myself to pay $19 for it. I know I can buy a similar product for cheaper. To be honest, it feels exactly like Maybelline Vivid Mattes liquid lipstick, which cost $10 less.

Too Faced Cosmetics Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil Waterproof Mascara Dissolver

This product really does work. It is very easy to use; it is like putting on mascara. You swipe your lashes with the wand which is coated with pretty much an oil blend, leave on for a minute or longer and wipe off mascara with a cloth or wipe. You might need two or three passes depending on how many coats of mascara you are wearing. This is convenient if you have to remove mascara on the go. Even though this does work, I will still continue to use my regular oils to remove my eye makeup.

Borghese Fango Ferma Firming Mud for Face + Body

This mud mask is really great. It has a light lavender scent. You can leave it on overnight to work on acne. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking fresh. It truly is one of the better masks I’ve tried. It is also the most expensive at $72.50 for a 17.6-ounce jar (that is a lot of mask). It really doesn't work much better than the masks I make for myself or for ones I can get at the drugstore for under $5 each. If you like luxury skincare and can afford it, I would recommend it. If you live on a tight budget, stick with making your own or buying one for far cheaper.

De Bruyère Paris After Sun Lotion Monoï

This lotion is for after sun care. I am not the sun bathing type but I do like this lotion. I've never used anything with Monoï in it before. The smell… I have say reminds me of the incense smell from the 80s and early 90s. This lotion is lightweight; it pours out like milk. It does soothe and moisturize skin. It costs $12 for a 1.7 ounce of product. I can't say whether or not this is good or bad. I think if you are the type who is out in the sun a lot, this lotion could be your best friend.

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil

This oil is the best hair oil not designed for curly hair that I've tried. I would not buy it because I feel it is overpriced at $20.00 for one ounce of product. If you have thin hair, one ounce could last you a while. My hair is too thick and I'd go through it in a week. I still like this oil for its scent and the sheen it gives my hair.

The August Glossybox Miss

invisibobble® ORIGINAL - the traceless hair ring

For me this is a miss. I think other people may like it. For some reason, this just feels like a gimmick product. My hair still got tangled in it. I can't get the hold my thick hair needs with it either. One good thing I can say is that my hair oils do not break down the ring. With elastics, hair oil can weaken the elastic and cause it to crumble. That is the one thing the invisibobble hair ring has going for it. Also, paying $8 for three hair ties is not something I can see myself ever doing.

There you have it lovelies! These are my opinions abased upon my experience using the products and my own personal preferences. If any of you have a Glossybox US subscription, what did you think of your box? Leave the link to your review or simply tell me your thoughts in the comments.

September 2016 Glossybox Us Reveal

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