Alicia Keys VMA #NoMakeup Look Is Strong, Beautiful, and Controversial

A couple of months ago, singer/songwriter/actress, Alicia Keys proclaimed she is going makeup free. This turned into a -- media dubbed -- #NoMakeup movement. Last night, at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), Keys showed the world that she is holding to that stance. One would think this would not be a big deal because the world knew her new stance on wearing makeup. Yet, social media users who were not feeling it a few months ago are still holding a grudge, it seems.

Alicia Keys Has Been on TV Wearing #NoMakeup Pre-VMAs

Just last week, Keys was seen on a special pre-season episode of The Voice wearing ... wait for it ... NO MAKEUP! She was on TV not wearing makeup. Guess what? It did not trend on social media or clog timelines. Keys looked fresh-faced, care-free, and happy as heck recruiting new talent to be on her team for the new season of The Voice.

Alicia Keys on TV Not Wearing Makeup at the VMAs

I saw the pictures of Keys still in #NoMakeup mode at the VMAs last night. I nodded my head and moved on. I saw a few mentions of her on Twitter and pretty much ignored them. Then this afternoon, it is a trending topic. While Keys has a lot of support from women and men, she also received tons of criticism. A lot of women still feel Keys was disparaging women who do wear makeup. Again, fallback came to her being rich and able to afford professionals to keep her skin looking flawless.

Should Alicia Keys' Stance on #NoMakeup Affect Anyone Else but Alicia Keys?

Yes, Keys hoped she started a revolution where women and I will say men as well, are free to just show their natural face without criticism. That is how I interpreted her message a few months ago. Her choice to no longer wear makeup is an awesome choice for her and anyone who chooses to adopt this #NoMakeup stance for themselves.

It should not affect anyone else but Keys. Unfortunately, it does. This truly is not Keys' fault. It is a byproduct of impossible standards of beauty we see every day in the media. Keys' makeup-free face has become another standard, for some, to be compared to. This is not what the artist wanted but it is the reality.

Will This #NoMakeup Debate Continue?

In my opinion, yes it will. It is hard to take a stance on this without someone else feeling or someone else placing judgement into the middle of it. Hopefully, after this coming season of The Voice, people will see Alicia Keys' makeup-free face and will no longer care about it. Just in case you missed it, per the main image from her Twitter account, Keys is not anti-makeup.

Image Credits: Alicia Keys Twitter (Main) (Body)

**UPDATE** Alicia Keys' husband, Swizz Beats, weighed in on the matter. He presented a point about why are people mad about what she chooses to not put on her face.

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