5 Simple Ways to Update The Look of Your T-Shirt and Jeans

I guess this post will be for Tee Tuesday, lovelies. Because who doesn’t love the casual style of the basic t-shirt and jeans? Regardless of the cut or fit of the jeans you know a t-shirt will complement them perfectly. However, the combination is about as casual as you can get. If this is your standard uniform discover a few ways to update this look.

Wear a Poncho for an Easy Style Upgrade

A poncho is a loose-fitting pullover that can be worn as a standalone top or over another top -- usually to add a fashionable layer of warmth. Crochet, sweater, and blanket-style ponchos are popular for the fall and winter and serve as an indoor alternative to the coat. When worn over your basic white tee and blue jeans, the poncho gives your casual look a little substance.

Top it with a Mesh or Net Top

A mesh or net top worn over a basic white tee can be a little sexy and edgy. The top can be long sleeved, short sleeved, or sleeveless. Depending on how close fitting your tee is, you can try out different lengths. I recommend cropped mesh tops for close fitting tees, Waist-length or longer should be reserved for more relaxed fit tees.

A Jacket/Coat With An Interesting Collar Adds a Touch of Sophistication

When the weather is cooler pair your basic tee and jeans with a jacket or coat that has an interesting or exaggerated collar. For oversized collars, leave your coat or jacket unbuttoned so the collar doesn't become too bulky for you around the neck. For stylized collar (asymmetrical, etc.), fasten a button at the waist to allow the tee to peak out.

Get Creative with Scarves

It seems scarves can accessorize almost any look. The white tee and blue jeans combination is no exception. A fringed scarf wrap can serve as a funky wrap skirt over your jeans. Add another, shorter silky scarf as a headband for your hair, along with artisan-looking earrings and you will be bohemian chic.

Layer On A Shirtdress If You Dare

A stylish yet bold move is to wear a button-down shirtdress over your basic white tee and jeans. Try this look out for size:

  1. Wear a sleeveless shirtdress that has a collar, buttoned only at the waist.
  2. Add a woven belt or tie a scarf around the waist like a sash.
  3. Finally, add a pair of ankle boots for a trendsetting look.

These few additions to the classic tee and jeans will allow you to up your style factor and still experience the comfort of your favorite clothing staple. Do not limit yourself to just these options. Play around with different looks. You just might surprise yourself with the looks you create.

**This article of mine used to be published on Yahoo and then on Examiner.com under my New Castle & Cecil County Examiner title. Last url: http://www.examiner.com/article/dress-up-your-basic-white-tee-and-blue-jeans**

Image Credits: Land's End 

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