Kat Von D Has Removed Jeffree Star from Her Life and Her Liquid Lipsticks

I am sure some of you lovelies have read or heard the buzz about Kat Von D making the decision to disassociate herself from Jeffree Star, The decision came after Von D could no longer justify or rationalize the outspoken Star's behavior anymore. Many of you know about the allegations of racism, mean girl tactics, and bullying Star has been accused of. Now Kat Von D has had enough and is even removing the Jeffree shade of her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks from her product line. But is all of that the end of the story?

Kat Von D is removing the Jeffree shade of her liquid lipsticks from the line.

NO. Along with the Instagram and Facebook posts, Von D also created a video to go into greater detail about some of the reasons why she came to her decision. She also explained how she helped get his foot into the door with his cosmetics line in a response to Star's claim that she did not help him.

In her video, Von D gives details on the final straw involving Star. It has to do with Star allegedly not paying a friend of Von D for work he did in creating the logo for Star's cosmetic line. She says that when she called him to try and resolve the issue Star cursed at her and blocked her number. Von D went in on how Star had changed from when she first met him claiming that he is obsessed with money and is a bully. Von D ends the video explanation on a positive note urging her followers and fans not to go on the attack with Star and to send him positive vibes.

There are always two sides to every story. Star hasn't gone into as much detail as Von D has, yet. He has sent out a few tweets about the situation and there was a snapchat response.

On Star's Snapchat he says there are two sides to every story and that he is not going to "pop off" because of lies being told about him. He also claimed that the logo situation had been squashed. Star advised his followers that he will film a video with his side of the story which he says is the truth. If he films a YouTube video explanation I will embed it here when it goes live.

There has been some back and forth on Twitter between the two cosmetics moguls. Hopefully, things will settle between them before too much damage is done.

What do you lovelies make of this new drama involving Jeffree Star and Kat Von D? With so many details left out, it is impossible to decide where the true story lies. Personally, I go by the adage of there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere between.

Images are screenshots taken from the social media accounts of both Kat Von D and Jeffree Star


Jeffree Star uploaded his video response and official statement on the situation.

Judge for yourself, lovelies.

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