June 2016 Glossybox U.S. Review and July Unboxing

Hey lovelies! I can't promise that I will write about every Glossybox I receive. I will do an unboxing of each one that will either be posted to the Fashion's Sense YouTube channel or to Instagram. When I do review the boxes, I will post the review after I get the next box so I can give a review and unboxing in one shot on the blog. Keep reading to find out my thoughts on the June Glossybox US: The Tony's Box!

The Tony Awards June Glossybox

I LOVE the physical box and it is one I am keeping to load up beauty goodies in for a gift to someone. The items in the box, as a whole, were not as awesome. I liked the composition of the box, I had a mix of two skincare, two hair care, two makeup, and one body sample. That is a good mix for a beauty box, in my opinion. The Tony's box had one brand two brands I was familiar with and the rest I never heard of before. I really only felt one item from the box was exceptional. The rest were either things I have no use for or things that were compatible with me. Let's break it down by product.

Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara $19.00

Emotion Allowed is a black, waterproof mascara and was one for the full-size samples in June's Glossybox. The wand is medium thickness and straight with a flat end. I am not fond of the brush. I kind of wish the wand was skinnier to make it easier to get into the corners. The formula is thin and very wet. It takes a minute or two to dry. It clumps without a lash primer and it does smudge if you have long lashes that hit your lids and glasses.

I personally do not feel it is worth $19.00 because it performs like a basic drugstore waterproof mascara that costs $5.00 or less. For me to cost over $15.00, you need to perform better than most of Avon's mascara and the highest priced one is only $12.00.

La Splash Lip Lacquer $18.00

I do love the pigmentation of this gloss. However, you need to wear a matching lip liner or fill your lips in with a liner before wearing it. Without a liner, the color bleeds outside of your lip line. It is transferable and the color does not last very long. This is another product I feel is not worth it's price. This was another full-size sample.

Tan Towel Half Body Classic $27.00

Nothing to comment on this. I don't have a use for tanning products. I am giving this to my cousin's girlfriend so she can get a little color.

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil $48.00

I was not impressed with this oil. I will say that I am not sure if the oil was right for my hair type. I have thick, coarse, kinky curls. This oil seems fit for straight to loosely curled hair. So I won't be hard on this product.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce $17.00

I haven't used hairspray in darn near 20-years and don't intend to use it anytime soon. I gave this to my mother because she uses it from time to time to hold her relaxed styles. The price seems about right for the brand.

Caolion Pore Blackhead O2 Sparkling Soap $16.00

I wanted to like Caolion's Sparkling Soap so much. It gave me a lackluster performance. My Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter soap gives me a better feeling clean with softer skin than this does. My skin never quite felt clean after using it. I still will use it hoping to feel the "super clean" feeling others have raved about. It has yet to happen. I am still down with the Caolion brand because I do like the other products from the brand I have used.

Lue by Jean Seo CLEAR $15.00

This full size product was the star of the June box. It is a liquid spot treatment that you use when you feel a pimple emerging. You can use it on existing pimples as well. This product speeds up healing time greatly. I have mild acne, but my acne is stubborn. It likes to hang around for a while. This magical potion hands out eviction notices to pimples. This is one I will have to purchase or maybe figure out how to make my own version. Shhhhh!

These are just my opinions about the products in the June Glossybox. Not every box is the same. I have noticed that some boxes had different items in them, like I would have rather received the Caolion pore pack instead of the soap. If you received the June Glossybox U.S. Tony Awards box, let me know what you thought or leave the link to your blog post in the comments below.

A Look at the July 2016 Glossybox U.S Box

Glossybox details:
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