How to Create a Work-Friendly Summer Makeup Look that Glows

Hey lovelies! In this post I will give tips and a video for creating a summer glow for day that is not over-the-top for work. I am also going to be reviewing two products from MAKE Beauty. I worked with this brand a few months ago in creating a soft spring makeup look. They provided me with two key products that will help you create a work-friendly summer makeup look that glows.

Use a Primer that Helps You Glow

It starts with a good primer. There are so many primers to choose from it is ridiculous. For a nice summer glow, find a primer that will leave you with a slight dewy finish or a luminescent finish. For the look I created in the main image, I use MAKE's face primer with SPF30. This is great to impart a healthy glow similar to what a good hydrating moisturizer can give you without adding any color.

If you want a product that imparts some color, you can use Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops and mix in with your primer or moisturizer. You can also use a fave of mine, Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base. If you are fair to medium, Nude Radiance will be more natural on you. If you are tan and darker, you will look more natural in Golden Radiance.

Choose a Foundation Based on Skin Type

while your primer will help you out with your glow, your foundation should still match your skin type. During the summer my combination skins becomes oily. Therefore, I use a foundation made for oily skin types like Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation. If you have normal to dry skin, you are in luck because this summer a whole slew of dewy foundations hit drugstores and beauty retailers.

For us oily skin lovelies, your oily skin foundation will keep your skin from producing an excessive amount of oil that will ruin the fresh summer glow you are trying to achieve. In combination with your primer, your face won't look matte but it should have the same soft glow finish that dewy formulas give normal to dry skin.

Skip the Contour Palette

I am not saying to skip contouring altogether. Just go for your bronzer instead. You can probably get away with using a bronzer that is a shade range lighter than your skin is but do not go darker. The object is to create a soft golden glow that will make others wonder if it is the makeup or you that is bringing the sunshine. You don't want to use a bronzer that is very shimmery either. Just something to add subtle warmth and depth. In the look I created, I used MAKE's Solstice Bronzer in Warm 1 which is lighter than I would normally wear but works for this look.

Neutral Eyeshadow Shades That Shimmer Are Best

Since we are going without shimmer for the bronzer, you can add it to the eyes. I used the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess palette to create a neutral gilded eye look that is pretty but not dramatic. For my women of color, stick with true gold, copper, and bronze shades. For my lighter lovelies, pale gold and rose gold shadows will work perfectly for you.

Cheeks and Highlight Should Glow, Not Beam

I know the current trend is to create strobe light worthy highlight on your face, but tone it down for the workplace. You can still highlight the tops of the cheekbones, forehead, that straight line down the nose (not the dip or tip), your chin, and cupid's bow. Just choose shades that glow but are not garishly bright. A soft, true gold or shimmering copper is woman of color friendly. Again for my lighter lovelies a soft rose gold or pale gold will add that subtle gold rush for you.

For those cheeks, choose a blush that looks like your natural flush. Nars Orgasm is darn near a universal shade and is worth the investment. Use a light hand with your blush. This look should have a soft flush not a bold flush of color.

About Those Brows and Lips

This look is all about subtlety here but there is wiggle room for moments of boldness. So you don't look so monochromatic you can deepen your brow color a bit. Don't go extreme creating new arches and other stuff. If you want to go a bit darker, try it. In this look, I chose a darker brow, that complimented and did not detract from the look.

The same idea goes for the lips. If you want to go bold or glossy do it in a way that matches and does not over power your look. I opted for a matte lip color, Colourpop's Kaepop Collection Ultra Matte Lipstick in Chi. I also, patted my highlighter in the center of my lips because I did not want a completely flat color.

If you want to see how I created this look check out this video:

MAKE Beauty Review

Face Primer SPF 30

I loved that this primer used zinc as its sunscreen. What I loved even more is that the zinc based did not look chalky or leave a white sheen on my face. This primer is supposed to diminish the appearance of fine lines by diffusing light. I honestly am not seeing how well this worked in that area. I tend to use primers that blur lines and this did not seem to work as well as those have.

I did notice how that light diffusing property of the primer gives me a natural-looking glow which is the summer beauty trend. If you are looking for a primer to mask fine lines, I can’t say this will do that for you all that well. If you want one that has sun protection that uses zinc and leaves your face looking fresh with a healthy glow, this primer can do that for you.

Solstice Bronzer in Warm 1

I was nervous at first when I received this bronzer because I was sent the first level, W1, which is for light to medium tones. I fall in the level W2 category. However, W1 worked well to give me a subtle, dare I say, more natural shading to my face. The color applies smoothly and blends evenly. This bronzer is a brown based bronzer, no pink tones to be found. Therefore, if you are looking to build up a bronzed glow without that pink overcast a lot of bronzers can give, this is a good one to try out.

Special Discount Code for Readers:
Now through August 15, 2016, MAKE Beauty is offering 25%-OFF the entire site when you use the code MAKEBEAUTY25 at checkout. You also get free shipping on orders $25 and over.

So lovelies, these are just tips/suggestions to help you rock a summer makeup glow that is work-friendly. This look is good to wear as nice day makeup look whether you work in a professional office setting or not. It does not require a lot of technique to get down. Just be mindful of the colors and formulas you choose and you should be fine. If you have any specific questions about the look, ask away in the comments.

Later, lovelies!

Disclosure: I received free samples in exchange for creating this beauty loo. All opinions are my own. 
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