Get That Summer Glow with Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray

Hey lovelies! It's been a few seconds since my last blog post. That is because I have been testing out a few products and battling intense sinus issues. Now that the sinus issues are under control, I can finally tell you about one of the products I've been reviewing: Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray from Glam Essentials. I received a complimentary bottle of Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray to try out on a couple of makeup looks.

My Expectations for Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray

I have combination skin that swerves to the oily side during the summer. I tend to wear makeup that combats oil like Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Primer and Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation. However, I know summer beauty is all about the glow that comes from dewy looking skin. While strategically placing highlighter can give me a glow, it doesn't give skin that dewy finish. So along with making sure my makeup does not run or disappear on me, I was looking for Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray to give me more of a dewy glow.

First Test

I created an evening makeup look with red lips, smoky eyes, and a bold brow. I used highlighter to give me a subtle glow. I wanted an all over glow that a dewy skin gives and I was hoping Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray would give it to me. I wore my makeup for about five hours and showed pictures of my face immediately after using the setting spray and five hours later. Check out my video and see if you think the setting spray did a good job or not.

Second Test

June 23rd is National Pink Day. I do not know how or why this day came to be. I do know that I used it as an excuse to create a pink makeup look, just like many others did on Instagram that day. In my first test, I left my makeup on for about five hours before checking on how well Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray held up. For the second test, I waited between seven and eight hours I believe. Here is the video of that test. Let me know your thoughts on the setting spray's performance.

Third Test

My third test was not for use as a setting spray. I used Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray in place of my moisturizer. I used it in combination with my face serum. My face felt fresh and moisturized without feeling greasy. I felt comfortable using it this way because the spray contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid has been a good skincare ingredient for my skin over the years. I couldn't keep using it as a lightweight moisturizer because I am testing another brand right now. After that trial is completed, I will be switching back to this on those hot and humid days when I need something super light.

My Final Thoughts

Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray passed the test for me. It allowed my makeup to hold up considerably well for a few hours. Mind you, this product is for dry skin. For dry skin it very well may hold up for 12 hours as advertised. Since this season my skin rolls over to oily territory, it lasts for about four to five hours before I need a touch up. I only need a touch up because oil begins to break through and oil will eventual start dissolving makeup.

I adore that Hello Cutie Hydrating Setting Spray is a multipurpose product. I am all about multitasking beauty products. So being able to use this as a setting spray, face refresher, and light moisturizer for summer gives this product big points from me.

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**I received a sample(s) of the product(s) to keep for consideration in preparing this content.**

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