Zac Posen's Met Gala Gown for Claire Danes is Fashion Poetry in Motion

Zac Posen knows dresses. He did his friend Claire Danes a serious solid by letting her wear a dress that I can only describe as the epitome of what modern ball gowns should aspire to be. If you are just seeing the main image, don't let the smooth taste of that image fool you. This dress has so much more going on.

Zac Posen created a Cinderella-like gown for Claire Danes to wear to the Met Gala Monday night. I don't mean that he simply designed a white ball gown. The gown, when seen in the light, appears simple and elegant. Then once the lights dim down the fairy magic happens. The dress begins to sparkle and glow in the darkness. It is a modern ethereal garment. One that for me, is fashion poetry in motion.

Don't take my word for it. Check out these images from Zac Posen's Instagram:

Images from Zac Posen's Instagram

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