#teamnatural It’s Time to Get Twisted for Summer

Summer will be here soon curlfriends. This means you need hairstyles that can withstand the humidity. While it is tempting to just do a wash-and-go all summer long, do you really want to leave your ends unprotected for the entire summer? I say why not compromise and get a little twisted every now and then. Try out these hair twist styles this summer.

Two-Strand Twists

Many naturalistas will create individual two-strand twists to set their hair. When they remove the twists it is called a twist out. For summer, why not leave the twists in?

Twist Tips:

  1. For the TWA - Either you or have a friend help you create tiny rows of twists. Use a styling gel or loc butter to hold the twists in place.
  2. Short Hair - Make a center part and create individual twists around the part. The result should be twists falling down the sides and back similar to when you center part straight hair for a sleek style.
  3. Longer Hair - Create a center or side part and place twists around the part. For hair that is shoulder-length or longer (in its curly state), you can even pull your twists back into a ponytail or an updo.

Keep your scalp calm and clear while wearing twisted hairstyles

Flat Twists

Flat twists are the more stylish option for twists. This style of hair twist is achieved by twisting the hair against the scalp as one would do when braiding hair against the scalp in cornrows. You can have one large flat twist or rows of flat twists that float free from the nape of your neck or create elegant updos with flat twists. 

Twist Tips:

  1. Goddess Twists - The cousin of goddess braids. Just flat twisted from the front hairline to the back. You will have two-strand twists flowing down your back.
  2. Crown Twist - This is a single flat twist going around the head. Simply start in the back and end there. You can either tuck in the twisted end or let it hang free down the back if you have long hair.
  3. Fro-hawk - Create flat twists leading to the center of your head. Leave a two- to three-inch strip of hair free in the center to create the fro-hawk.

Just as there are multiple ways to wear braided styles there are a multitude of twisted hairstyles to try. If you love twists as much as I do, you'll get even more creative by flat twisting your individual two-strand twists into a cool summer style. Do you naturalistas have any twisted styles you like to rock for summer? Sharing is caring; so let others know your tricks and tips in the comments below.

Refresh your protective style and keep those edges under control.

**This article originally was published on Yahoo!Voices url: http://voices.yahoo.com/get-twisted-summer-naturalistas-11234478.html
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