Apparel Construction #AtoZChallenge Final Thoughts

I was excited about my apparel construction theme for this year's Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. I knew I could not give textbook-style lessons on the topics for each post. So my goal was to give a high-level explanation, so you lovelies would have a basic understanding under your belt. Beyond the posts, I hope a spark of interest takes hold to seek out further information.

I will say that coming up with apparel topics that matched the letters of the alphabet was a challenge within itself after letter "V". I pushed through. Yeah, I tried it.

As I stated on my lifestyle blog, Between Sunshine and Rain, I am not listing and linking to all 26 posts here. You can look for the posts within the April 2016 blog archives here.

If the Blogging from A to Z Challenge continues next year, I will participate again. So I am reaching out to you lovelies. What theme should I pick for next year's challenge? Remember this is a fashion and beauty blog. Keep suggestions within these two niches.

See ya later lovelies!

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