5 Ways To Not Be A Hot, #Sweatymess This Summer

Temperatures are getting warmer, which means more humidity here on the east coast. What do we do in humid weather? Sweat buckets. If you are out and about in the summer heat, you can't avoid perspiring altogether. Just because you sweat doesn't mean you have to be a sweaty mess, ether. I’ve partnered with Evian Facial Spray to give you tips on how not to be a hot, sweaty mess this summer.

Embrace the Lighter Side of Moisturizing

Don't weigh your skin down with heavy lotions and thick creams that will feel hot and even sticky as the temperature rises. Begin right after bathing while skin is still wet by rubbing a bath oil all over. You can also use one of those in-shower moisturizers. Then either pat your skin dry or let yourself air dry. After you are dressed apply your sunscreen. I know you lovelies would not dare leave the house without sunscreen. With this light layering, your skin will still be moisturized without heavy lotions and creams weighing you down.

Go Light on Hair Products and Styling

I know Gigi Hadid is bringing back the sleeked back hair trend. However, sometimes that look only works by using a heavy-handed approach with styling products. With hair slicked down, smothering your scalp, your scalp can’t breathe. Since the scalp is skin, it also sweats. That sweat contains salt which can also be drying on your roots. Use products that are light and multitask like Caviar CC Cream from Alterna Professional or Not Your Mother's Deja Vu Do Style Extender (my personal favorite for my kinky curls).

Take a Light Hand with Your Makeup

If you can wear a beat face -- contoured and highlighted to the max -- during the summer and not perspire, then I applaud you and your awesome genes. If any of you are like me, that contour and highlight have to simmer down for the summer. Wear a tinted moisturizer or light BB cream for foundation. Use a multitask color stick for cheeks and lips. Waterproof, long-wearing mascara and eyeliner are your friends. Loose pigment or standard eyeshadow palettes are your best bets. Use a light setting powder or bronzer (can also be used for contouring) to finish. Finally, use Evian Facial Spray to set your makeup. The light water mist won't feel heavy on your face and it feels so refreshing.

Maintain Your Cool with Lighter Clothing

When I say dress light, I mean this in virtually every sense of the term. Wear lighter colors like white, light pastels, or any light neutral color. Light fabrics, preferably those made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen are ideal. Cotton in particular because it wicks away moisture from the body. As far as specific garments go check out Fashion Ingredients for a Cool Summer Wardrobe for more suggestions.

Keep Hydrated Throughout the Day

Drinking plenty of water while out and about in the hot sun will help keep you cool and prevent dehydration. You should also keep your skin and hair hydrated as well. The sun can be very drying if you remain out in it for too long. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to clear away perspiration, refresh skin and makeup, and refresh hair using Evian Spray:
  1. Mist Evian Spray over your arms, legs, chest, neck, and back (get someone to do your back). Gently blot skin with a towel or paper towels or napkins. Then reapply sunscreen. You should do this every two hours for prolonged sun exposure.
  2. Lightly mist Evian Spray over face to refresh makeup. If face is shiny, gently blot face with a napkin to restore a shine-free finish.
  3. If your hair is starting to feel a little dry and crunchy, use Evian Spray all over hair, running your fingers through to distribute. To help lock in moisture spritz a hair oil or smooth a hair oil over tresses.

With these tips there is no reason you need to be a hot, sweaty mess this summer. Get started by updating your summer wardrobe, beauty products, and carrying around a travel sized bottle of Evian Spray. You can also beat the heat by entering Evian Spray's Giveaway found on the Contests and Giveaway page. There’s Sephora gift card in the prize package up for grabs…

Keep calm, cool, and beautiful lovelies!

Image Credits: Evian Spray and Victoria's Secret Inc.

**I received a sample(s) of the product(s) to keep for consideration in preparing this content.**

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