4 Style Tricks That (Visually) Take Inches Off Your Figure

I've known a lot women who want to look slimmer in their clothing. Many of us have at least one part of our bodies that we want to appear slimmer. Some use body shapers to get a more svelte look. I personally hate those things and prefer the path of illusion to look more trim in my outfits. Here are a few tricks I've discovered along the way to make your figure look slimmer in clothing.

Accentuate Your Waist

Credit: JCPenney

The waist is the easiest part of the body to slim down in clothing. Once you whittle down the waist, your figure appears more attractive. Even Harper's Bazaar recommends this as a figuring flattering method. Styles that will accentuate your waist include:
  • Wearing a belt
  • Wear skirts, pants, and shorts that sit at your natural waist and tuck your tops into them to allow the waistband to visually slim your waistline.
  • Wear high-waist bottoms to draw attention to the waist and visually cinch the area. This also helps hide a tummy pooch.
  • Peplums cinch the waist making it appear smaller with an inward curve.

Wear Solid Colors 

Credit: Macy's Inc.

Prints may be trendy but solid colors are more slimming. You can wear darks as well as neutrals, pastels, and brights. Just make sure to wear your darkest color in the area you want to slim down. For me, I wear darker colored pants/skirts and save my brighter colors for tops/ blouses.

Wear Knits

Credit: Land's End

Knits tend to follow the figure closely which is instantly slimming. Knit dresses, especially in slinky fabrics like jersey, cling to the body and follow your curves. Style details like ruching at the sides help thin the figure even more. I do have to say this about knits. Buy knit garments that fit your measurements. If you buy a knit garment that fits tight or snug it will visually add pounds to your figure. When you wear knits that fit your true size/measurements the knit will follow and cling to the right places.

Straight-Legged Pants 

Straight-legged pants slim down your bottom half and hide flaws. Unless you have thin and toned legs, leggings and skinny jeans are not the best choices. The reason is they will show ripples and bulges that will make you look heavier. Straight-legged pants skim the hip and leg following the shape closely enough to not add bulk but not too close to highlight bulges. Even straight-legged pants with a slight flare can make legs look slimmer.

These slimming style tips will allow you to look your best. Just because you want to slim down does not mean you want to lose your shapely curves. So if the look you chose slims your curves down too much remember to accentuate the waist to even things out.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo! Shine as Slimming style secrets that help you look your best url https://www.shine.yahoo.com/slimming-style-secrets-help-look-best-210500057.html I own the copyright to this article.

Main Image Credit: JCPenney

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