12 Weeks to Glowing, Clearer Skin Sweepstakes

Hey lovelies! Some of you may have noticed the Tria Sweepstakes promotion I have on the sidebar and on the Giveaway Page. I am working with Tria Beauty to promote their Tria Best Skin Sweepstakes. Eight winners will be selected at random to receive the Deluxe Kit which includes the Tria Age-Defying Laser, Priming Cleanser, and Finishing Serum. If you were to purchase the kit yourself, it would cost $595 regular price or $506 while it is on sale at 15% off. Before you enter, I am going to give a bit of information about what Tria's Age-Defying Laser can do for your skin. I can't have you lovelies entering a sweepstakes like this without doing some research about the prize first.

About Fractional Laser Treatments

I know this is about Tria but in order to find out what Tria's Age-Defying Laser can do, we need to go back to its predecessor, Fractional Laser Treatments. These laser treatments use light energy to pierce microscopic holes into the skin's collagen layer, according to dermatologist Ellen Marmur in Harper's Bazaar. The treatment restores collagen and elasticity but at the same time removes excess pigment and broken blood vessels.

According to Truth In Aging, three to five sessions of treatment, about two weeks apart, are required. The downtime is a few days with skin redness similar to a bad sunburn for some and skin flaking afterwards. After this, skin is glowing and more even in tone. Each treatment is around $1,000 each.

Tria Age-Defying Laser

Tria's Age-Defying Laser is the first full-face, non-ablative (wont remove any layers of skin) fractional laser approved by the FDA for personal, at-home, use on all skin types. It is a fractional laser so it pierces the skin in the same manner the treatments at the dermatologist's office does. The main difference is that it works on smaller areas of the skin at a time and it is less potent.

Instead of approximately a month's worth of treatments, you need about 12 weeks -- three month’s -- worth of at-home treatments to see results. You use the laser five nights a week, which gives the same results as two office treatments. This is not a pain-free treatment but many who have used it say the pain is bearable.


Mary Lupo, a dermatologist from New Orleans, advises to follow the instructions Tria provides to the letter. Overtreating any area of skin can cause blisters and/or welts. Tria is best for early signs of sun damage and fine lines. Tria might not be able to get rid of all dark spots. Users and doctors have both suggested in order to handle older pigmentation issues you may still need a visit to the dermatologist. Some have not seen any "real" results until using Tria for six to eight weeks so it does require time commitment and patience.

Why You Should Enter?

If you are on the fence about purchasing a Tria Age-Defying Laser or even having fractional laser treatments performed by a dermatologist, entering this sweepstakes will cost you no money just about two minutes of your time. If you win, and still find you do not like it, you can lend it or give it to family or a friend to use. Still you are saving yourself money. What do you have to lose? Enter the Tria Age-Defying Laser Deluxe Kit Sweepstakes today. Sweepstakes ends 11:59pm EDT on June 7, 2016.

**This is a sponsored sweepstakes**

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