Fashion's Sense Briefly Observes Prince's Impact on Fashion and Beauty

It is rare when a person's style and beauty resonates with both men and women. That is what happened with the legendary musician, known as Prince. Today, April 21, 2016, the world loss this gifted man at the age of 57. We are fortunate to have a triple legacy of music, fashion, and beauty from him. As this is a fashion and beauty I will focus on these impacts Prince has left over the years.

Prince's glam rock look of the 70s and early 80s was pretty fierce. It worked for both men and women without needing to be tweaked. His heeled boots with a pant suit is a basic thing today.

I have to mention the curly faux hawk with side burns. Again another unisex look. While women did not have the side burns, we did slick down that "baby hair" to create the look. This look keeps resurfacing, especially within the African-American natural hair movement. The curly faux hawk is one of my fave hairstyles.

He brought the Zoot Suit back before "Zoot Suit Riot" hit the airwaves. If you don't believe me, black men started wearing this style again in droves, in bold colors for years afterwards.

Prince in recent years went all the way back to his nappy roots -- yes, I went there -- by embracing his old high school afro. As a member of #teamnatural this style change from "the purple one" did give me life. His clothing style, while still bold, was a bit more relaxed. Not as tailored as before. It was more fluid. I have to mention, Prince's brows were always on fleek -- yes, I went there again.

This is just a smidge of Prince's impact. These are examples that have stuck with me over the years. Just to close I am leaving you with a little "Purple Rain" live:

Main Image Credit: Zarateman CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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