Apparel from A to Z: Jeans

Jeans are probably the most well designed and constructed garment in all of fashion. I don't say this because I like jeans. Or that the right pair makes you feel more like a million bucks than an expensive ball gown. There is an apparel construction reason behind my madness.

Jeans are Made from Denim

Typically, jeans are made from medium- to heavyweight denim. Denim is a twill weave that is pretty sturdy. It can handle rough washing without the fabric being ripped or torn. You can abrade it many times and it will still be tact. If you disagree, then I just have to say, you have been around poorly made denim. Heck even when cut exposing frayed edges, denim still holds up for a long time. Seriously, remember the 80s?

Jeans Are Made with Many Functional Elements

Jeans are made with front facing pockets and rear pockets that are stitched with thread and grounded with metal. Some come with a small fifth pocket up front to hold smaller items lipstick or a tiny cell phone. The belt loops are sturdy as F*$k! Plus, they make a handy resting place for your thumbs.

Jeans Are Simply Built to Last

Jeans are sewn together using what is called the flat-felled seam. This is a self-enclosed seam that automatically finishes the seam along with reinforcing it. These seams can withstand a good amount of stress. In fact, the only vulnerable seam on jeans is the crotch seam, which runs from center front to center back. However, if enough ease if built into the jean pattern, and provided the person is wearing a pair of jeans that match his or her's measurements, even that vulnerable seam can withstand a lot.

Now, see. I am not just being a jeans fan girl. I have valid reasons for feeling the way I do about jeans. I suggest get the best fit, take you measurements before going jeans shopping and purchase a pair that matches your measurements or your widest measurement if you happen to have a tiny waist or narrow hips.

Do you like jeans? What do you like about them?

Main Image Credit: Macy's Spring 2016 Press Images

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