Apparel Construction from A to Z: Yarn

If I were to ask you what a yarn is I would probably get answers like:
  • It's a piece of string used in knitting.
  • Fabric is made from yarn.
  • Those long strings you sew with.

Most people pretty much have a good idea what yarn is and what it can be used for. There is more to the story of yarn.

What is Yarn?

A Yarn is a length of fibers twisted together. Yarn can be long or short. It is mostly long making it suitable for weaving fabric, knitting, crochet, and sewing. Yarn can be made from two things fibers which are short and filaments which are continuous until you cut it.

How is Yarn Made?

As I stated earlier yarn is from fibers or filaments being twisted together. There are basically three types of yarn: Spun Yarn, Filament Yarn, and Textured Yarn.

From these three types of yarn you get variations. You have what we know of yarn, the type you see used for hand knitting. Then there is the yarn used make sewing thread. You also have yarn used for embroidery floss.

This little bit of information about yarn doesn't even scratch the surface. The post is just open your mind to see there is more to the world of yarn than you initially thought.

Main Image Credit: via Wikimedia Commons

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