Apparel Construction from A to Z: Warp and Weft

I've mentioned different textile terms during the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. This time the stares of woven fabric take the spotlight. Here is a very brief low down in the warp and the weft.

In the most basic of terms, in a woven fabric the warp are the vertical yarns making up fabric. The Weft are the horizontal yarns. Sounds simple enough, right?

Here is where things get interesting. The warp yards or threads are the foundation of the fabric, the net. The weft is actually woven over and under or through, the warp threads. If you see a fabric that has a woven design, you can thank those weft threads for that. They can be woven over the warp in various directions to achieve a design.

Of course it goes much deeper than this. This explanation of warp and weft gives you a basic understanding.

Main Image Credit: KDS444 via Wikimedia Commons

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