Apparel Construction from A to Z: Ruching and Ruffles

This will be a backdated and quick post because I was caught up in a lot of tragic news yesterday with a local girl being killed and a couple of celebrity deaths I had to write about for other places. Somewhere along the way lovelies, I caught a stomach bug so I am not in good shape right now. I will touch on ruching and ruffles with this mainly being examples.

What is Ruching?

Ruching is a French term that means to ruffle, gather or pleat. In fashion, ruching is fabric that is gathered and sewn in a way that the gathered folds are intact, not smoothed out.

Check out this video on how to ruche:

What is a Ruffle?

A ruffle is a form of ruching. The difference is that the ruffles are used as edging so the gathered folds billow out in waves of fabric.

Which do you think is more attractive in clothing Ruching or Ruffles?

Main Image Credits: Frank Kovalchek and Dominique Derrisbourg Fashion: Thang de Hoo via Wikimedia Commons

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