Apparel Construction from A to Z: Macramé

If you were part of Generation X or older, you might remember a little thing called the friendship bracelet. A few of you probably made them. If you made these bracelets as a kid, you were actively engaging in textile making. You were creating macramé.

What Is Macramé?

Macramé is a textile created via a series of knots. In fact, the process of creating macramé is often referred to as knotting. This means macramé is neither a weave or a knit simply a series of knots arranged in a tight or loose pattern. You can even create geometric designs like a chevron design using this technique.

Where Can You Find Macramé?

Macramé is not as widely used now in clothing. You might see it more craft accessories or for belts. However, some macramé clothing does exist. Best believe a lot time and care went into making such a garment.

Main Image Credit: Keith Russell via Wikimedia Commons

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