Apparel Construction from A to Z: Lace

Lace is the fabric of elegance, sensuality, and feminine grace. It is a delicate, textile that is arduous to make by hand and is not a piece of cake to sew. Once you get your hands on an exquisite piece of lace, you want to care for it. Handle it with care out of respect for the handiwork that went into creating it.

What is Lace?

Basically it is an open weave or rather open knit fabric made from cotton or silk via looping, twisting, and/or knitting thread into patterns. Lace is very old, so old that we don't definitively know it's age. Lace as we know it, "arose in the early sixteenth century," according to The Lace Guild.

Types of Lace

Lace is not just the open weave with motif details woven into them. Netted fabrics are also a form of lace that people forget or don't think of lace because they lack the fine details of traditional laces. The main types are Bobbin Lace and Needlelace, which are the basic ways lace is made. From these techniques various forms of lace are created.

How Lace is Made

I am in no way knowledgeable enough to give information about this. However, The Lace Guild has created a video showing how to create bobbin lace and needlelace. It also gives the names of the other types of lace from which various others forms of lace can be made.

A lot of work goes into making lace. Which is why I can totally understand how fine lace can cost a fortune. I recommend checking out The Lace Guild for more detailed information about lace, how it is made, and the various forms of lace in existence.

Main Image Credit: Collage created using images from Mike Coppola and Frazer Harrison; Getty Images via

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