Apparel Construction from A to Z: Chain Stitch

A chain stitch is a decorative stitch that can be executed by hand or by sewing machine. This technique is nothing more than a series of looped stitches that form a chain pattern. You will see chain stitching most often in embroidery but is also used as a decorative topstitch accent on garments.

The chain stitch can be used to sew seams or secure two pieces of fabric together in a design. However, chain stitches are not very secure. As a result, a seam will come apart fairly quickly due to seam stress.

The chain stitch is not the easiest stitch to perform by hand. If you master the stitch it will become one of your favorites to do. Don't worry, the basic chain stitch can be done by machine. However, these chain stitch variants are handstitched only:

Braid Stitch

Braid stitch

Cable Chain Stitch

Cable chain stitch

Knotted Chain Stitch

Knotted chain stitch

Open Chain Stitch

Open chain stitch

Petal Chain Stitch

Petal chain stitch

Rosette Chain Stitch

Rosette chain stitch

Rosette Chain Line

Rosette chain line

Singalese Chain Stitch

Singalese chain stitch

Twisted Chain Stitch

Twisted chain stitch

Wheat-Ear Stitch

Wheatear stitch

Zig-Zag Chain Stitch

Zig zag chain stitch

Do you think you might try your hand at the chain stitch? If you have mastered the basic chain stitch, will you try out any of its variants?

Main Image Credit: Grace Christie (Mrs. Archibald H. Christie) [Public domain] and PKM [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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